Music and memory

organised by
the Danube Music Festival –“Against the stream”
and the project “Musical dialogues on the Memory of Europe"
(20 March -01 April 2010)

The Rules

1. The competition is open to anyone who is interested in music at a professional or amateur level, born after 01.03.1980 and currently resident in one of the 27 countries of the EU.

2. Theme : Music and Memory - Music as the living memory of Europe and reflection of the relationships of its peoples. The idea is to explain through practical examples :

• How the history, the migrations, the conflicts, the conquests and the fusion between peoples has left its mark on music.
• How different people (including non-european ones), have influenced and registered the evolution of european music.
• How different ethnicities and minorities have preserved their identity in their music.

3. The topic must be presented as an essay or an analysis of a practical example on ‘music as living memory of people’ (max. 4 printed pages).

4. You may supplement the text with photos and sound or audiovisual recordings.

5. The texts must be written in English. The text, a CV of the applicant and all supporting materials must not be sent any later than midnight on the 14.02.2010 to:

6. Selection criteria : Projects will be assessed by an International Jury based on the following criteria:

• Originality (1-10)
• Spirit of investigation and of discovery (1-10)
• depth and quality of the research (1-10)
• Practical examples (1-10)
• Additional material; photos, sound or audiovisual recordings that complete and reinforce the developed ideas. (1-10)

7. Results will be announced at the latest on the 22nd February 2010 on the Festival website and an e-mail will be sent to the winners.

8. Awards – the best eight participants, chosen from the results will have the chance to take part in the first and second part of the festival. The authors and their projects will appear at the festival sites. The Festival Organisation will cover their expenses – hotel (6 nights) and food on the boat. They will have the opportunity to attend all the concerts and to present their work to all the participants. The festival does not cover any expenses incurred in arriving at the boat.

For all other information about the Festival, the programme, the boat route and the loading ports, visit the Festival’s webpage:

The deadline for postal entries is on the 12th February 2010 to this address:

Danube Music Festival
Competition Music & Memory
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231, rue Royale Ste Marie
B-1050 Brussels